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Carole Silverstein, Visual Artist & Educator, deep dives into Art, Creativity & Consciousness.
On Zoom & In-Person.

Art & Consciousness

Private Art Museum Tours – Custom & Scheduled Monthly Tours in Los Angeles
Private Art Sessions
Creative Circles & Courses

Next Tour:
Sunday May 28, 11am UCLA Hammer Museum: Bridget Riley Drawings & Museum Highlights
See below for more information.

(From the Workshop: Animal Spirit: Bird as Messenger), Inlay in the form of the Horus falcon, Egyptian, 4th century BCE, Metropolitan Museum of Art

Private Museum Tours

Sunday, May 28 – UCLA Hammer Museum – “Bridget Riley: Drawings” + Museum Highlights
Saturday, June 17
– LACMA – “Sam Francis & Japan:Emptiness Overflowing” & other Museum Highlights
Sunday, July 16 
– To be determined
October 6-8New York City Art Weekend – a new offering! Inquire with interest for more info

Private Museum Tours – small groups 5-12 people
An Art & Culture Club. Deepen & enhance your inner life, building bridges between inner & outer worlds.  I will be leading intimate tours of magnificent exhibitions & permanent collections in the LA area. These tours are meant to spark conversation and curiosity, to meaningfully share in the experience of the art we see together. Guided from the perspective of a working, professional artist & educator. Don’t miss this special offering of these 3 tours!

Cost is $100 per person for an 1 1/2 hour tour. Tickets (when applicable) and after-tour lunch gathering not included in pricing. Please contact me to sign up at carole@carolesilverstein.com


Private One-on-One Art Sessions

Take your art to a deeper level and get the support you deserve. What better time than now to expand & grow your artistic language & personal voice. Tap into your creative power and capacities more freely. We each contain infinite riches within. The world is needing your gifts, your particular light to share. These coaching sessions are highly personalized & tailored, using a variety of tools and insights for support & deeper impact in your work. Get more individualized attention for your greatest expansion, with loving support.

Uplevel your Creativity Packages for 2023:
Introductory 3 Session Series (to be used within 2 months)
5 Session Series (to be used within 3 months)
3 & 6 Month Programs

Let me guide, mentor, support you and help identify where you want to go in the creative realm. I can mirror to you your own power and connection to the imaginal realms. Open up new resources both within yourself and within the world. Help with materials and techniques (of drawing, painting, collage, mixed media, etc). This work starts with a questionnaire to help determine your deeper needs and interests. I offer feedback, insight, and resources. Art Historical & Contemporary Art examples are shared & given as supports to educate & spark inspiration, tailored to each client. All levels, ages, and creative fields welcome.

For Private one on one Art Sessions, a free 15 minute Zoom or phone consultation is offered. ALL levels of experience welcome – Beginners to Professionals. Sessions are on Zoom from anywhere, and In-Person (Los Angeles).


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Carole Silverstein is a longtime professional artist and educator. She has exhibited her artwork nationally & internationally, most notably at the 2015 Venice Biennale in Venice, Italy, and her recent 2021 solo show “she wears her potency as ornaments (the garden)” at Nancy Toomey Fine Art, Minnesota Street Project, San Francisco. She has been practicing yoga, meditation, and other spiritual modalities for over 25 years. Influenced by Tibetan Buddhism, Jung, global mythologies, Art History, and the deep teachings of Yoga. She holds her BFA from The School of The Art Institute of Chicago and her MFA from Queens College, CUNY, with further study in Italy. She has taught for many years at USC Roski School of Fine Arts, The School of The Art Institute of Chicago, Brentwood Art Center, and many other universities, art schools, art centers, private high schools as well as with private clients.

Contact her for more information on private sessions, hosting creativity circles, coaching & critiques, portfolio development, to RSVP, and for upcoming online Zoom courses – at carole@carolesilverstein.com

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Client Reviews & Endorsements

I have had the privilege to work with Carole Silverstein for over a year in her “inner jewels” group workshops as well as private sessions. A gifted artist and teacher with years of experience, Carole knows how to open the “doors of perception” leading to new explorations and creative possibilities. Her positive stance and nurturing support are palpable and give rise to unmistakable empathy. I couldn’t recommend her more highly.

Leslie Lloyd

Artist & Adjunct Professor, Cal State University Channel Islands

I’ve had the privilege to work with Carole as my art coach for over a decade. It’s rare to find someone who is not only artistically talented, but someone who, in a loving way holds the space so you can discover your own voice and expression as an artist—at the same time providing useful tools, encouragement and inspiration along the way.

Karen Dellosso

Carole Silverstein is the consummate artist-teacher. She dedicates energy to each of her students, offers superb examples from art history and contemporary art to support her talks, and makes razor-sharp observations about the works created in her classes. Her very relevant amalgam of cultural influences is personal and unique, and contributes to an unparalleled richness to her classes. As an artist, she is one part alchemist, diving headlong into a magical process of transformation, and one part philosopher, steadfast in her honest appraisal of life.
Yarrott Benz

Artist, Writer & Educator

Empowered is the first word that comes to mind when describing working with Carole Silverstein. I was initially drawn to her from one of her flyers about creativity, imagination and consciousness. At the time, I was struggling with my artistic direction and finding myself bored and boxed in by the paintings I was producing.
Reviewing my portfolio with her for the first time was emotionally profound. As she described the strength of my compositions and my striking use of color, tears welled up in my eyes. Listening to her words, filled with unique insight and an acute understanding of art history, inspired and renewed me. I was overcome by a tender appreciation for myself and the artistic efforts that I had put in over the years.
This artistic, self-appreciation continued to grow as we worked together over several months. My art was starting to jump! It was becoming more spontaneous, visionary and experimental. If you are ready to breathe new life into your portfolio and your life, please consider spending some quality time with Carole, your artistic imagination will thank you.


Carole Silverstein is a warm, engaging and enthusiastic woman with a passion for art, art history and art education. She’s not only a uniquely creative and gifted artist with a well-crafted and unparalleled aesthetic, but she is truly one of the finest art educators that I’ve ever worked with. She is knowledgeable and articulate, and equally important she is kind and quite sensitive to her students needs and differences. Carole has a natural ability to motivate and inspire, while teaching skill-building techniques, and well developed concepts. Carole Silverstein is a person of true substance that I’ve admired as a friend and colleague for many years.

Ed Buttwinick

Co-Founder, Director, Instructor – 1970-2006, Brentwood Art Center

Carole Silverstein is my treasured colleague of many years. I have invited her to teach in my classes and admire her ability to inspire students with her beautiful work as well as with her skillful teaching. In the past two years I had the privilege to participate in Carole’s Art & Consciousness Creativity Circles exploring archetypes. Her choice of themes as well as her related slideshows are superbly inspiring and insightful. As practicing artists, we get stuck in our own circles and Carole’s workshops are a cure for this. She helps you tap into other layers and step beyond your habitual anchors. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned artist I highly recommend Carole’s guidance.   

Judit Hersko

Artist & Professor, Chair of Art, Media, and Design, California State University San Marcos