I am so thrilled to share that my work is now represented in the permanent collection at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA). “blossom cluster of delight” has just been acquired by the Museum. It is painted with Acrylic Ink on Mylar (Grafix Drafting Film) and mounted on a custom white aluminum frame, 30 x 42 inches, 2016.

blossom cluster of delight – juxtaposed patterns of interlace, fluid water and boundaries, interlocking arabesques, braiding, mysteries, dynamic movement & stillness. the art of ornamentation and the poetic use of ambiguous space; perceptual shifts of figure & ground. The joy of looking and getting lost, sensuous and odd color. The still-point of the six-pointed star. Opacities & transparencies. Matte & shiny surfaces. Blown away roof style. Interconnection of all things, knots, sworls of energy, networks and webs.

I am a 2nd generation Los Angeleno and have been visiting LACMA since I was a teenager. I live 5 minutes away by car, and visit and know parts of the permanent collection intimately. So it is particularly fulfilling to have my work be part of this museum collection!

Upcoming Solo Show in Los Angeles

I have been working steadily in my studio on new paintings to prepare for my upcoming solo show opening January 25, 2020 at Gallery 169, 169 Channel Road in Santa Monica. Please mark your calendars now. So excited to share this new work with you. This is just steps from the beach and the Pacific Ocean (which if you don’t know is my happy place).